The Cape Green Project , in collaboration with the Dutch IT company 1A First Alternative and Mundo Crastino Meliori, places computers in rural schools on the Cape Verde islands, specifically in the Tarrafal district on the main island of Santiago, where the foundation works with the municipality.1A First Alternative already has experience with this process in Ghana.

Where possible, computers are placed not only in schools but also in the local community centre for access by the whole community. This enables the community to connect to the rest of the world by Internet, and also enables pupils at the schools to know how to work with computers, so they can further their careers. In 2024, we placed five computers in the school of Achada Tenda.We have also placed five computers at a local school, Liceu de Chao Bom.

Below is a short film of the computers at Achada Tenda Village school and the pupils getting to know them.

We have placed these computers for free but the transport from the Netherlands and the clearance at the port in Cape Verde had to be paid for. We also have to pay a technician for the maintenance of the computers and we need to pay for the Internet. Therefore we are looking for sponsors! With €150, you can sponsor the computer project for one month and connect hundreds of schoolchildren and other inhabitants to the Internet in the world.

The computers are supplied free of charge by 1A.  After installation, a sponsor is needed to pay the monthly costs (the ‘support fee’) to keep the system running. These costs consist of the following items: presence of internet, regular software update by internet from the Netherlands, compensation of the local technician for maintenance, replacement of broken parts.

In addition, the sponsor is responsible for the one-off costs of transporting the computers from the Netherlands. This transport is arranged by the foundation in collaboration with 1A and there are no import costs involved as it concerns a good cause.

The monthly costs for the sponsor will be approximately € 150.

Do you want to be a sponsor for this project? Please use the Donate button to get in contact.